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About us

AG IT Services is a collaboration of Information Technology professionals with more than 40 years of combined work experience. If you would like to know what sets us apart from other IT consulting companies, read on.

AG IT will not:

  • Low-ball you on the cost of labor and then later “discover” additional circumstances that will contribute to the overall price increase
  • Will not charge you hourly. All work is performed on mutually agreed flat-rate basis so you do not have to bite your nails and watch the clock, while giving us time to  address every little detail of your particular case
  • Try to persuade you to buy a product or service you do not need
  • Charge you for phone or remote desktop support if you are an established client
  • Charge you for an estimate or an office/home visit

AG IT will:

  • Provide you with honest time/cost estimate of the work to be performed
  • Analyze your hardware and software platforms and will make recommendations according to your Information Technology needs
  • Work with your hardware and software vendors if necessary
  • Will design a computing solution that will not only suit your today’s IT needs but will also prove to be a dependable platform for the years to come